Monika Olsovska (Slovakia)

Hi, my name is Monika Olšovská. I came from small village Liptovský Peter on the north of Slovakia. I‘m a speech therapist and teacher for children with special needs.

I have 2 border collies – Arsi and Paige. They are family dogs and my friends primary, but helps me in my work as therapy dogs as well.

I‘m in love with dog training since childhood. My favourite dog sport so far is dogdance. It‘s a wonderful discipline , very creative and we can see huge variety of routines.

I‘ve been a member of Slovakian national team for 6 years at OEC ( 2012 Prague , 2013 Burgum, 2014 Stuttgart, 2016 Krieglach, 2017 Balen, 2018 Munsingen), 3 x at WC ( 2012 Salzburg, 2017 Leipzig, 2018 Ruinerwold) Me and Arsi have individual bronze in Freestyle (2013, Burgum), bronze in teams in Heelwork (WC 2017, Leipzig ). Arsi is Cruft´s winner ( 2015 )

I‘m judge of dogdancing since 2015.


I feel very honoured to watch each of yours routines at OEC 2019 !

Helle Larssen (Denmark)

My name is Helle and I live in Denmark with my husband Anders and our 3 Border Collies; Doggie, Jazz and Ex-it.

I have been involved in Dog Dancing on different levels since 2006. I am competing with my own dogs and have been on the Danish team for several of the international championships; both the Nordic- and the World Championship and the OEC. 

I was a member of the Danish Kennel Club HTM Committee for some years and took part in organizing the very first OEC, which was held in Denmark in 2011. 

I was approved as a HTM judge in 2006 by the Danish Kennel Club and a couple of years later, I also passed the English judges exam. I judge in Denmark on a regular basis and have also previously had the honour of judging the Nordic and the World Championships.

I am very excited about judging the OEC in Italy this year. Thank you so much for inviting me. I promise to do my very best to give everyone a fair evaluation. 


I wish you all the best of luck. Enjoy your time in the ring. 

Attila Szkukalek (Great Britain)

Dr Attila Szkukalek is a dog and cat behaviourist and training instructor with 30 years of practical experience. Due to his innovative Dog Dance routines Attila became one of the pioneers of canine freestyle. With his Border Collie Fly Attila demonstrated and popularized canine freestyle all over the world. In parallel with performing his famous routines; Carmen, Chaplin, Gladiator, etc. Attila has been producing dog dance, freestyle teaching DVDs called Rhythmic Paws. To complement his teaching through DVDs Attila also has been teaching K9 freestylers at his popular workshops, coaching teams individually and choreographing routines for his students as well as judging competitions globally.

For more information please visit:  www.dogdance.net

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